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Esther Diane Celebrant conducting a same sex wedding ceremony
Eshter Diane Celebrant at a wedding ceremony in Northamptonshire
Wedding conducted by a celebrant


Your wedding is a wonderful, exciting, much anticipated event, and you want everything to be perfect. 

Your special day should be tailored to you and your partner’s personalities and must be been written specific to you, reflecting your style and delivered with love and ease in an engaging, enthusiastic manner.

That is where I come in.

As a qualified Independent Celebrant, I work with couples, getting to know them in order to write completely unique ceremonies that are a perfect fit. We work together in the lead up to the big day to create the most unique ceremony script that represents the essence of your relationship.

I can also help you write vows, choose readings and music, or you might already have an idea of what you want, in which case I am there to help you weave it all into a beautiful ceremony.

If you would like to add symbolic elements to your day, such as hand fasting, ring warming, candle ceremony, sand ceremony, or any other ritual, these can be included. If you would like a unique symbolic element created just for you to reflect your life and values, I can do that.

The beauty of having a Civil Celebrant work with you is that the event really is YOUR day, no rules, no limitations just choice to get married in whatever
way you wish in any location you want from a beach or woodland to a castle!

As the person at the event who regularly attends weddings; I arrive an hour before the ceremony, to ensure everything is set up to your specifications and that the wedding is ready to run smoothly.

This is completely your day. I work with you to create the perfect ceremony entirely reflecting you as a couple. My role is to facilitate in a way that is modelled to suit you. Whilst I am enthusiastic, cheerful, confident, engaging, friendly, approachable and adept at running the room, I ensure the day is all about you, not me.

Vow Renewal

Renewing your vows can be a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Whether you want to commemorate a special anniversary or reaffirm your love, a vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful way to do so.


As an independent celebrant, I have the privilege of helping couples create personalised vow renewal ceremonies that reflect their unique journey together. From choosing the perfect location to selecting readings and music that hold special meaning, I will work with you to create a ceremony that is a true celebration of your love and commitment. 

You can involve children, grandchildren or other guests in your vow renewal ceremony, or create a small intimate occasion that you will remember forever.

Symbolic elements can be added and we will explore options together to ensure your ceremony is as unique as you.

Vow renewal ceremong conducted by Esther Daien Celebrant in Northamptonshire
Hand fastening vow renewal ceremony conducted by Esther Diane Celebrant
Naming ceremong conducted by Esther Diane Celebrant in Northamptonshire

Naming Ceremonies

As a civil celebrant, I have the pleasure of conducting a variety of ceremonies to mark life's milestones.


One of the most special and meaningful of these is the naming ceremony for a baby. Welcoming a new life into the world is a joyous occasion, and I am honored to work with families to create a personalized ceremony that reflects their values and beliefs.


Whether you want to celebrate a traditional name or choose a unique moniker, I will work with you to craft a ceremony that is both memorable and meaningful.

Together, we will create a beautiful and heartfelt celebration of your child's arrival and their place in your family.

Naming ceremonies are not exclusive to babies, they are a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child into your heart permanently, celebrating your growing family with love and joy.

Similarly, for those who are transitioning, a naming ceremony can mark the start of a new life with jubilation and excitement for the future. I am here to support anyone who wishes to mark the start of their next chapter.

Funeral ceremony conducted by Esther Diane Celebrant in Bedforshire
Esther Diane celebrant conduction a Celebration of Life Ceremony in Bedfordshire

Celebration of Life/Funerals

I understand that planning a celebration of life/funeral service can be a difficult and emotional experience. That is why I am here to help guide you through the process with compassion and sensitivity.


I love to serve and am generous with my time in order to work closely with you and your family to create a personalised ceremony that honors your loved one's unique life and legacy. Together, we will craft a ceremony that celebrates their life and the impact they had on the world.

From choosing the right location to selecting readings, music, and rituals that reflect your loved one's personality and beliefs, I will assist you in every step of the planning process. 

I am available for contact during our time together for any questions  you may have about the ceremony, or simply to offer support and love during this time.


As an independent celebrant, I believe that every person deserves a personalised and meaningful send-off. That is why inclusivity is so important to me. I embrace people of all cultures, races, beliefs and sexual orientation/identification.

I work hard to give everyone I serve a funeral/celebration of life that captures their unique personality with respect and dignity, delivered in an engaging way that will be memorable forever.

Pet funeral in Northamptonshire Esther Diane Celebrant

Pet Ceremonies

Pets are cherished members of our families and I believe that every pet deserves a respectful and dignified farewell. Losing a pet can be a deeply emotional experience, and I am here to help guide you through the process of planning a pet burial ceremony with compassion and understanding. I will work closely with you and your family to create a personalized ceremony that honors your pet's life and the unconditional love and joy they brought into your home.

I will work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your pet's personality and the special bond you shared together, I am here to assist you in every aspect of planning your pet burial ceremony. Whether you prefer a simple and intimate gathering or a more elaborate tribute, I will work with you to create a ceremony that is a fitting and meaningful tribute to your beloved pet.


Together, we can honor their legacy and celebrate the bond you shared with a personalised and meaningful pet burial ceremony.

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